How to object to a planning application

You can object to a planning application in any of the the following ways:

Sending an email to with the application number and the word “objection in the subject line.

Online - using the Public Access system  (you will need to register on Public Access to object but not to view)

Writing to the Head of Development and Planning at the Council offices giving the application number and saying that you object.

You need to include your name and address. If you don’t want this published then follow the confidentiality process.

Applications that planning officers recommend should be approved and that have 10 or more objections will be decided by West Berkshire Council’s planning committee.

Please note that anyone can object and that multiple objections per household are accepatable.

Possible reasons for objecting

Please note that effects on house values or on views, competition with existing businesses or legal covenants are NOT valid reasons for objection.

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