Land at Junction 12

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This site is bounded by Hoad Way, the eastern end of the High Street, the M4 and the Theale bypass. The area that could be developed on this site is limited by access to the M4 junction 12 and a pylon crossing the site as well as the site’s risk from flooding. The Council has assessed a smaller part of the site as having potential for about 50 dwellings. This part is in the corner formed by the eastern end of the High Street and Hoad Way. The scheme would include a mix of dwelling sizes and types, including affordable housing. Access could be obtained from the High Street. Some development could front the eastern end of the High Street.

Concerns about this Site:

Please also see general concerns about extra housing in Theale.

The consultation has now closed, but please come back to see what is happening about the sites.

I have submitted these comments on this site.

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